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List of all the articles

A list of all the articles in the website, ordered by the most recent modification time.

Build TeXmacs using CMake and MXE on WSL for Windows Sat Jun 26 08:44:44 2021 UTC

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List of all the articlesSat Jun 5 17:51:12 2021 UTC

A list of all the articles in the website, ordered by the most recent modification time.

Jolly codersSat Jun 5 17:51:12 2021 UTC

This page gather informations on the activities of the TeXmacs hacking group.

TeXmacs and the art of mathematical writingWed May 5 10:30:07 2021 UTC

A blog post which presents the motivations behind the design of TeXmacs from a personal perspective.
[by @maxgubi]

Notes on TeXmacsSun May 2 08:36:57 2021 UTC

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SchemingMon Apr 12 12:50:27 2021 UTC

We discuss some aspects of the choice of the Scheme language implementation used in TeXmacs.

Development resources and ideasFri Apr 9 09:11:09 2021 UTC

This page contains idea and resources pertaining to the development of TeXmacs.

A list of documents created with TeXmacsThu Apr 8 21:15:54 2021 UTC

We gather here some examples of documents created with TeXmacs to showcase the daily usage of the system. We indicate when sources are included since looking at examples is a great way to learn.

Awesome GNU TeXmacsThu Apr 8 21:15:54 2021 UTC

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The Macro editor and easy macro modificationWed Mar 17 20:57:33 2021 UTC

The Macro editor is a shortcut tool for examining and modifying macro definitions; it can be used as well to write a new macro starting from an existing macro. We look at its use with the help of two examples.

A wishlist for TeXmacs articlesWed Mar 17 20:57:33 2021 UTC

It would be useful to have some short articles or tutorials covering the topics listed here below. This article collects them in the hope that someone will contribute them to the blog. They can also be considered interesting exercises to improve one own TeXmacs knowledge: learning by teaching. In case you manage to cover, even partially, one of the topic, please add a remark here to point to relevant material. If the topic is covered, move it to the “Already covered” section.

Status of Plugins for TeXmacsThu Feb 18 15:29:33 2021 UTC

We review the current status and limitations of the various plugins on Windows/Mac/Linux.

Customizing the color of code snippetsThu Feb 18 15:29:33 2021 UTC

(no abstract)

Compile TeXmacs on the Raspberry PiMon Dec 7 07:17:01 2020 UTC

Unfortunately, there is no prepackaged TeXmacs for RaspberryPi OS, because of its ARM chipset. Likewise there are no precompiled binaries, but it is not hard to built it yourself.

Implementing comments in TeXmacsSat Dec 5 15:09:47 2020 UTC

We discuss the implementation of comments in TeXmacs documents. This is a new feature introduced by Joris in r13254 with some additions in subsequent revisions, the current description is based on revision r13256.

Modular graphics with SchemeWed Nov 25 23:42:07 2020 UTC

(no abstract)

Editorial scope and author guidelinesWed Nov 25 23:08:42 2020 UTC

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Build TeXmacs using CMake and Homebrew Fri Nov 20 20:36:27 2020 UTC

This article serves as a guide for TeXmacs contributors and developers on macOS. We talk about how to build and test GNU TeXmacs on macOS using CMake and Homebrew.

Composing TeXmacs graphics with SchemeMon Nov 16 13:28:34 2020 UTC

(no abstract)

Embedding graphics composed with Scheme into documentsMon Nov 16 13:28:34 2020 UTC

(no abstract)

WishlistSun Nov 15 21:17:44 2020 UTC

This wishlist collects suggestions for improvements and nice ideas for addition to TeXmacs. These should be of limited scope and somewhat reasonable technical difficulty. It is mostly meant for developers or technically savyy users to collect good ideas. It should be clear that the functionality is not already provided in some form. This wishlist must not be used for very broad and vague requests (e.g. “make the program more versatile and powerful").

Adding a dialog to build websitesSun Nov 15 17:36:40 2020 UTC

In this article we document the construction of a user interface to the website building facilities of TeXmacs.

Implementing previews for link targetsFri Nov 13 23:58:44 2020 UTC

(no abstract)

Example of TikZ figure embedding within a documentFri Nov 13 12:26:43 2020 UTC

(no abstract)

Contribution guideThu Nov 12 18:54:10 2020 UTC

(no abstract)

TeXmacs and HTMLThu Nov 12 17:03:27 2020 UTC

In this article we discuss question related to conversion from/to HTML.

Template articleThu Nov 12 17:03:27 2020 UTC

This file provides a template for typical notes/articles. You can use the tag notes-abstract to provide a small summary of the content, as exemplified by this very text.

An overview of TeXmacs from altitudeThu Nov 12 17:03:27 2020 UTC

A rapid overview/executive summary of the TeXmacs system.

Community linksThu Nov 12 17:03:27 2020 UTC

We gather here links to websites and blogs discussing TeXmacs.

Tetris with TeXmacs tablesWed Nov 11 19:49:14 2020 UTC

(no abstract)

Example of TikZ figure generation with the Graph pluginTue Nov 10 16:01:20 2020 UTC

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