Notes on TeXmacs

This is a blog/wiki about TeXmacs. It aims to be a container for articles, snippets, comments, developer docs, proposals, user's pages, etc...

You can find the source repository at github. Feel free to fork it. Contribution are welcome, please check the guidelines before.

The list of all the articles in the website is here, also available as Atom feed.


These articles contain collections of stuff, additions are welcome.

Some documents created with TeXmacs

Some development resources and ideas

Wishlist and additional functionalities

Wishlist for blog tutorials

Awesome TeXmacs

Community links

Status of plugins for TeXmacs


Self-contained, one shot, material on various topics. Roughly, most recent articles on top.

TeXmacs and the art of mathematical writing

The Macro Editor and Easy Macro Modification

Compiling TeXmacs on the Raspberry Pi

Modular Scheme graphics

Customizing the color of code snippets

Embedding graphics composed with Scheme into documents

Composing TeXmacs graphics with Scheme

An overview of TeXmacs from altitude

Editorial guidelines

Contribution guide

A TikZ example with the Graph plugin

Tetris with TeXmacs tables

Embedding TikZ figures in a document

Developers' notes

Jolly coders

Build TeXmacs using CMake and MXE on WSL for Windows

Build TeXmacs using CMake and Homebrew on macOS


Implementing comments

Adding a dialog to build websites

Implementing previews for link targets

TeXmacs and HTML


Make a pull request to the source repository. Typically it should just be necessary to modify or add to only the .tm sources in the src/ directory and modify accordingly (this document). This template file can be used for new articles. The HTML files are then generated by one of the maintainers after the pull request is merged (hopefully this will be automated in the near future). Once the changes are pulled in they will become immediately publicly visible on the website. Detailed instructions are available here.