[main]Notes on TeXmacs

TeXmacs and HTML

In this article we discuss question related to conversion from/to HTML.

Since TeXmacs 1.99.14 we support an improved converter to HTML. The new converter is stylable using CSS, which should allow you to produce nice web versions of your papers that are readable on multiple devices. Joris' personal website shows what you can do: https://www.texmacs.org/joris/main/joris.html

For a random math paper, see: https://www.texmacs.org/joris/ffnlogn/ffnlogn.html

The precise CSS style can be selected in the user preferences dialog: Preferences...ConvertHtmlCSS style sheet.

If someone with CSS design skills wants to contribute other styles, then we would be happy to include them in the official distribution.

Note that TeXmacs can both export formulas as MathML as well (as noted in the discussion) and as MathJax (not clearly mentioned so far).

It should be noted that both MathML and MathJax come with their problems (and that is why a prefer the less error-prone solution of images):

Concerning copy&paste, we might annotate images with LaTeX formulas. That would not be very hard to implement, although it would take some time, of course.