[main]Notes on TeXmacs

Editorial scope and author guidelines

This site aims to be a curated collection of useful information about the GNU TeXmacs document preparation system.

We want it to be useful both to new users, to seasoned users and to the developers and people who are generally interested in the inner workings of the program. Our hope is that gathering general information and consolidating user knowledge in one place will improve the user experience and help to build a healthy community around the system.

In order to reach this goal we choose the format of a blog more than a wiki. Contributions are welcome in the form of pull requests (PR) to the main git repository at github. There is a “small and opinionated” group of admin which will review the contributions, edit them and integrate them in the site.

For the technical details of making a PR with git please look at the contribution guide.

Content should be informative for a wide audience of users and/or developers of the system or should help to build the community. In order to maximise the success of a PR please take into account these considerations regarding the scope and form of the content you would like to propose. Example of content: