[main]Notes on TeXmacs


This wishlist collects suggestions for improvements and nice ideas for addition to TeXmacs. These should be of limited scope and somewhat reasonable technical difficulty. It is mostly meant for developers or technically savyy users to collect good ideas. It should be clear that the functionality is not already provided in some form. This wishlist must not be used for very broad and vague requests (e.g. “make the program more versatile and powerful").

From [bug#59433].

Is it possible to make support to apsrev4-1.bst? This style has very useful feature. It is possible to combine multiple references into single number. It is realized by star operation: \cite{paper1,*paper2,*paper3}. Three papers will be collected in References under single number [1].

Some more context on collapsing multiple citations in LaTeX here: http://www.texfaq.org/FAQ-mcite.

Easy: Implement a Lilipond backend for the Graph plugin. See this post in the forum. There is an open bug for this at [bug#59001].

Modify the way circles are created in the graphical editor. See [bug#57882].

Add possibility for automatic line numbers (even approximate) for easy refeering.

See https://texblog.org/2012/02/08/adding-line-numbers-to-documents/

(Seem complicate, maybe need adding appropriate hooks in the typesetter, to detect line breaks)